Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground.
-Theodore Roosevelt

Monday, March 14, 2011

Woah! What's that? it's 320 in the morning and Emily is still up? Shocking...

Hey hey. Yeah, I'm not really feeling "inspired" But I can't sleep. There's just sooo much to think about. I coulddddd comment back to "really fricken cool kid" Allen but I want to comment at my best and this
 VVV  is not it. 
So here I am Blogging world. 
hey hi how you dern?
I'm grrrrrrrreat as you can see
Insomnia at it's best, or perhaps worst
Who knows, who cares?
I'm just sitting here waiting for the girl I'll aways love to text me goodnight so that I know I'll have the same amount of sleep as her so hopefully tomorrow I'll understand how she feels.
I have this electric feel
I'm stoked for tomorrows game. 
I feel like Atlas 
My shoulders hurt. 
I should go to sleep.
My dog will probably wake me up. 
She has a sweet disposition and I love her but man I wanna sleep in. 

You might think this is random. But I'm sure that Mr. Allen and Racho will catch on. 

Georgie and Abe woulda been best friends Allen, no frets. 

Bring it on rain.
Put me to sleep now. 

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