Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground.
-Theodore Roosevelt

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Here's the thing. I just turned 19 but I feel different. I know, it's my imagination or something. It's not. It's my frame of mind. As a you turn 19 nothing special comes with it. You've been able to pierce, tattoo and infest your body with tobacco and potentially see a stripper or two for a year now. Like I said, nothing special, but there is! It's a new age. It's your last year of being a teenager, meaning it's your last year of being stupid and having an the excuse of the having "teen" behind the root number. In a way it's your last year of being a kid. You're last year before people are going to take you seriously as an adult. An adult! Ugh, that comes with so much more responsibility, and responsibility means letting people down...something I happen to be an expert at. But that is another blog. Back to this whole nineteen thing.

Rachel Roten and I happen to share the same birthday, which is awesome. We get to be crazy together.

First things first, I GOT HIT ON BY A 50+ YEAR OLD MAN! He asked if I was wearing my skivvies underneath my dress! WTH?!?! Granted I was dresses like a skank but still. We were going to Alli's and I asked Rachel what time it was. She replied "blah blah blah" (I forgot the actual time) At the same moment I split my coffee alllllll over my lap. I screamed and Rachel freaked out. Haaaah. Good times. We picked up Alli and we were on our wayyyyy.

I split my coffee...again...but not on my lap so it wasn't as dramatic. My jacket absorbed most of the damage.
After we hung up with you we found a building. It was no ordinary building tho. It was giraffe print! We had to take pictures. Had to. So we tried to set the camera on the ground to see if it would work but it wouldn't so we set my open phone on the ground with a rock to keep it in balance. It worked! We took a couple pictures, decided it was cold, and got back into the car where we drove across the street and found our first hot tub! It was seemingly perfect; it was away from the front desk, open and warmmmmm! We went in all giddy because we actually found one! I turned on the bubbles and we hopped in and proceeded to choke on the effervesce nature of the highly chlorinated water. It was intense. We sat there for awhile and Alli wouldn't get in because it burned her skin haha eventually she did and this extremely energetic jet kept shooting water at her face. After a bit we decided to hop to the next tub! We stole some towels and hopped into the car and turned onto the strip. We drove around and went to many closed pools. We finally found one that looked open! We hurried inside, took pictures of the second tub and Alli turned on the bubbles, not even ten seconds after a security guard walks in and scares the beejezzzzus outta us. He said that the pool was closed and asked where we were staying...I told him that we were staying with my friend Fernando and he was tired and didn't want to some swimming with us. He asked where he lived and we all played dumb and pointed. We eventually just ended up leaving very awkwardly. We drove around some more and Rachel and Alli really really really had to pee.  So we stopped at the Wal-Mart on the strip and walked up to the door…nothing happened. It’s not 24 hour anymore!! So we turned around and got honked at, joy, and ran back to the car.  We decided to go to the new Wal-Mart to find our tiaras and birthday pins. They finally relieved themselves and we continued on our search. We found some “party animal” pins that I am going to be picking up after class today. Rachel is picking up our tiaras. We’re gonna look stunning.  AND THEN, it was our birthday. We ran to the random shit/food aisle and celebrated! We took pictures…that are very amusing….and jumped up and down and such, you can imagine.  Then we had nothing to do so we went to Rachel’s house and picked up clothes and such, dropped off Alli and went home. Rachel showered and then we went to bed. This morning Rachel slipped away like a one night stand and I woke up and my first thought was “IT’S MY BIRTHDAY, BITCH!”

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