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-Theodore Roosevelt

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Perfect Bloke

The Perfect Man is funny. He can make you laugh at everything including yourself. He makes you smile at the simplest things he says. He is silly and adorable and we can't get enough of him. He is hardworking at his job that brings home the bacon, and also at home, where he also cooks said bacon, because the Perfect Man also cooks. He has his friends but he knows the difference between family time and hangout time. He understands that women like to be independent at times but still remains chivalrous but not in the knight in shining armor thing because that's a bit of an overkill. He is sweet but not overly sweet. He knows how to do laundry, dishes, and always always always puts the toilet seat down. He's respectful of my parents and they adore him. He will defend my honor and save my life without a second thought. He will never forget an anniversary no matter how small the occasion, like the first time we held hands...that shit is important. He is confident but he does not toe the line of being cocky. He is not critical and thinks that you're the most beautiful girl in the world no matter how much you look like hell. He is responsible in all aspects of life, including financially, but still knows how to have fun and spoil you in the process. He is forgiving and understanding. He is a great listener and gives heartfelt advice. He is handsome, dresses nicely and maintains a presentable appearance. He is intelligent but never uses it against you. He is trustworthy and never doubts you. He is friendly and well liked. He is helpful and doesn't complain. He is not jealous. He does not engage in PDA unless provoked by you. He is mature and patient. He is affectionate. He is ambitious and strong-willed. He is tolerant. He is laid back and creative. He will take you on dates and open your car door for you. He is somewhat mysterious but doesn't play games. He's genuine and wellllllll....perfect.

In all honestly, I would never date this Perfect Man. Sure I want bits and pieces of this man, this perfect perfect man who is every girls dream come true. I want him to be funny, actually I need him to be funny. I need him to be honest. I want him to be a professional chef but that's a tad bit unrealistic. If he can make me toast in the morning, I'll take it. As for forgetting anniversaries? I can't ask him to do things I can't even manage. I want him to want to help me and confusing girl stuff like that. I want him to be trustworthy and not jealous but hey, guys get jealous. I've come to accept that. I hope that he think I'm adorable,sexy, beautiful and cute even when I don't feel like it and I hope he tells me so. I prefer a man with a six pack but come on, where am I gonna find one of those?  I want him to be of above average intelligence and handsome but I'm not going to set the bar too terribly high. The Perfect Man doesn't exist. All in all, waiting around for some bloke to fit the description of the Perfect Man is ridiculous. He doesn't exist. Perfect doesn't exist. But hey, imperfect is perfect with me. 

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