Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground.
-Theodore Roosevelt

Friday, January 21, 2011

There's this beach in southern California, Huntington Beach. It's crowded, smelly and polluted but I love it. I love the beach in it's entirety but hate the the single elements. Since I moved inland things have changed; I no longer mind the feeling of the rough sand between my toes and the waves that splash on my face. Our families took us there on weekends for a cheap fun day. Parking was always a hassle, along with finding the perfect spot that wasn't too close to anyone but close enough to hear the waves and see the kids in the water. This place, Huntington Beach, holds many memories for me.
One day when I was little my family and my cousins went to Huntington beach; My Grandpa and aunt and uncle met us there later. My brothers and I decided to play a game of tackle football, girls against boys, which might have been a little unfair. The girls are the older and were biggest at the time while the boys were little, so boys verses girls was a bit stacked for the girls side. We were all having a blast although few of us could throw or catch a ball very well. My very competitive little brother got really into the game and tackled me really hard and accidental pulled off my bathing suit top. I was as red as my fat uncles sun burnt back. I returned that embarrassment by shoving his face into the sand the very next play. I felt justified. The game did not last very long but the fun did. After we went swimming to cool off and enjoy the surf while our parents sat and enjoyed the sunshine.
Later that same day there was an accident at the beach. A tourist that was not a strong swimmer got caught in the current and was taken out to sea. He was there one moment and gone the next. The lifeguards looked everywhere for him but to no avail. They brought in helicopters, had the jet skis out and every available lifeguard was searching the coast. The young man never showed up. I took life for granted before that fateful day at Huntington Beach.
Life is so easy to just forget how to live to the fullest. You can easily get caught up in being busy and stressed and sick and tired. Think about it. Why choose that? Why not just wake up and be happy? It's a simple choice and lately that's the first thing I think about when I wake up. Be happy. It makes a huge difference in your day to day life.

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